Makita Hypoid Saw 5477NBThis Makita 5477NB review is looking at another quality saw from the Makita stable. However, unlike many of the popular circular saws on this website, the Makita 5477NB has a hypoid gear drive as opposed to a sidewinder.

The hypoid gear drive allows for better power transfer and a cooler drive system although that in itself gives rise to a couple of minor problems which we’ll come to later in this Makita 5477NB review.

Who Should Buy and Use This Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw?

People who are working with dimensional and engineered lumber on a regular basis will be served well by the Makita 5477nb. So It is ideal for builders, framers, carpenters, masons and general contractors.It has power and long-term reliability for all these uses.

Of course this does not exclude the home-owner and DIYer. For someone who wants a power saw to last for many years this Makita 5477NB review has found this to be a very good investment especially as many of the components are specifically manufactured for long lasting performance.

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Makita 5477NB Review and Product Description

Buying the Makita 5477NB circular saw is a smart choice as it has a powerful and efficient 15.0 AMP Makita 5477NB review of circular sawmotor that makes any wood-cutting any easy task. Maintenance is also easy because this Makita 5477nb review has revealed that they have used sealed oil bath technology and gear housing. You can also access the brushes easily, extending the life still further.

The features of the saw include a large cutting capacity, lower guard design, economically designed rubber, and chemically treated base plate. In total the Makita 5477NB review has found the following specs:

  • Hypoid gears deliver more power
  • Powerful 15 AMP motor
  • Oil bath technology and sealed gear housing
  • 0°-51.5° bevel capacity with positive stops at 45° and 51.5°
  • High quality, heat treated hypoid gears
  • Large cutting capacity (2-3/8″ at 90°; 1-3/4″ at 45° and 1-9/16″ at 50°)
  • Lower guard design
  • Oversized top handle
  • Large levers for fast bevel and depth adjustments
  • Push button spindle lock
  • Blade wrench is attached to the saw
  • Ergonomically designed rubberized grip
  • Base plate is chemically treated to resist rust and warping
  • Reinforced 10 ft. cord
  • Large and easy to read markings on depth and bevel scales
  • Externally accessible brushes
  • 24T thin kerf carbide tipped blade supplied

If you need any more information on the Makita power saw, you can download their Makita 5477 Instruction Manual to supplement this independant Makita 5477NB review. If you re looking for Makita 5477NB parts, you’ll find them here.

Independant Makita 5477NB Review


Amazon Ratings for the Makita 5477NB Circular SawThe fact that this tools delivers more power seems to be a big factor in buying decisions. It delivers a smooth cut consistently.

Out of 71 independant reviews at Amazon at the time of writing, only 3 people gave it less than 4 or 5 stars out of 5! That’s a pretty impressive stat.

Many people were surprised at the low cost of this tool, coming in at just over $100.

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Some people suggested this was a heavy tool. Of course that may just be subjective, but if you feel that this may be an issue for you, you should consider the tool from Makita that is identical in every way except that it has a Magnesium baseplate, thus saving weight against the steel plate that is normally supplied. The Magnesium version weighs in at 13.2 lbs as compared to the normal 5477NB at 14.3 lbs. You can see the Magnesium version here:

Makita 5477MG Circular Saw Magnesium Version

One Makita 5477NB review noted the kick you get on starting up the motor. For this reason I suggest you don’t have the blade too near the piece to be cut so that you avoid nicking the wood where you don’t want it, but also more importantly, to avoid any kickback that may occur if the blade touches anything at startup.

There’s also no case supplied. That’s probably not necessarily a negative from a professionals point of view, but may be for a DIYer. You can get a soft but rugged carry bag from Makita (a case doesn’t exist):

Makita 21 inch Contractor Bag

Lastly we come back to the usual ‘no rip guide’ supplied. This Makita 5477NB review is no different to any other so far, so here’s the rip guide that is specifically for the 5477NB saw:

Makita Rip Fence Guide

 I hope this Makita Hypoid saw review was of some use. At the end of the day, decide what you need from your power tool and see if this Makita 5477NB review demonstrates that it meets those needs.

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You can see the full range of Makita circular saws here that include saws to cut masonry and plunge saws as well as the traditional range of circular saws.

I also have a Makita 5007MG review on this site which looks at a very similar circular saw for a very similar price which has a Magnesium baseplate to make it lighter.

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