Safety First When Using a Circular Saw

Let’s briefly look at the handling and safety issues of using circular saws. I’m sure you all know the ropes by now, but it’s worth going over the basics in case one or two of you have forgotten something and need to be reminded that it’s nice to come home with all 10 fingers!

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Circular Saws are a device made for swift and precise cutting of sheet materials and timber with a flat surface. The circular blade in the saw does the actual work of cutting. It is designed to keep the person who is operating the machine safe and makes the tool easy to handle and use. These precision circular saws are designed for speed, accuracy, and reliability, and are capable of thousands of cuts in a single shift of work.

For best results, a proper way of using a circular saw is very necessary. Even if you have experience working with the saw you still need to know certain things about it which will not only guarantees precision results but also keeps the operator safe from any hazards.

While using it make it a point to use the correct blade for the material. It should be properly sharpened as dull blades can bind and could overheat. Ensure that the depth of the blade does not exceed more than ΒΌ inch below the thickness of the wood to be cut. The workpiece is more likely to kick back if you have too much blade exposed.

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Before using a circular saw equip yourself with eye-protectors and even ear-defenders if you are going to be using the tool for long periods. Appropriate grip gloves are also useful for grip over long periods.

In particular, if you are using saw blades for cutting metal, you should use a full-face mask. This is to prevent blade sparks or hot shards of metal, from getting anywhere near your face or eyes. These can be really painful and even dangerous. Since your hands are also very close to the blade, it once again makes sense to protect them. So use the safety mask and gloves such as those shown on this page.

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There are many saws on the market and that includes the Cordless Circular Saw. The cordless saw, as the name itself suggests is one without a power cord – it is driven by rechargeable batteries. It is a handheld saw, which is the most widely used, and most useful tool a person can have in his toolbox. It performs various tasks such as making straight or even bevel cuts in timber or man-made board.

The cordless saw is easily manageable (portable) and is much easier as compared to a handsaw, giving a better edge if the correct type of guide is used. The greatest advantage of this saw is that it is battery-operated and can be taken anywhere where the work is to be done. The batteries used to operate the saw are usually powerful enough to last till you until you finish your job. Moreover, it is a powerful tool, which comes really handy while reaching out for tight corners.

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