A General Look at Power Saws

DeWalt Circular Saw PictureA circular saw is a tool that is used for primarily cutting wood but also other materials. It has an exceedingly sharp blade which together with the power tool, helps in the construction of a building, making furniture etc. It can be used either using battery power or with mains power although the latter is the definitive ‘power tool’. Circular saws are one of the most versatile tools that a carpenter or woodworker can have in their toolbox.

It can be used by professionals and home-owners alike but you should handle circular saws with care because a bit of negligence may cause harm to you. Those who love DIY can also handle this tool easily. It is available in the market as numerous types.

A fine circular saw should have sufficient raw power to cut through everything from wet timber to thick hardwood without getting stuck.

Characteristics of Circular Saws:

  • It helps in cutting with its thin blade.
  • It offers a perfect slit in wood and other material.
  • Cuts are always accurate and straight.
  • Setting of the circular saws can be done geometrically.
  • Various types of circular saws are on the market

DeWalt Miter Saw PictureMiter saws:

Miter saws are somewhat small and handy, with common blades ranging from eight to twelve inches.




Craftsman Radial Arm Saw PictureRadial Arm Saws:

This is used for cutting long pieces of stock to length.




Skil Table Saw PictureTable Saws:

A table saw is a wood-working device consisting of a circular saw blade, escalated on an arbor that is driven by an electric motor



Milwaukee Panel Saw PicturePanel Saws:

Panel saws are used by cabinet shops to simply incise plywood and melamine sheets into cabinet apparatus.




Jet Cold Saw PictureCold Saws:

These use a circular saw blade to cut metal.




Makita Hypoid Saw PictureHypoid or Worm Drive Saw:

This is designed for the framing carpenter who will be doing a lot of cutting of wood and timber for the entire day.



DeWalt Plunge Saw PicturePlunge Saws:

It makes trimming much easier because they have metal guide bars. The saw cuts right next to the bar but doesn’t touch the bar itself. It isn’t compulsory to clamp the pieces being cut because the saws are constructed with material underneath to check them from moving around.


What Should People Look For In Circular Saws?

Power: While purchasing a circular saw one should always go for the power capacity of the tool. This machine is utilized in various purposes but its main goal is to cut and for this particular reason it is a must to have a high power circular saw. There is plenty of variety in the market so you can opt as per one’s choice and need.

Reliability: The other important point to be kept in mind is that it should be bought from a reliable brand. Cheap and Economical tools never sever your exact purpose and they break easily so it is a must to go for a reliable brand.

Usability: Once buying a circular saw we should keep in mind the quality of the product. We should keep in consideration our usage before buying a particular type of machine.

Size: Needs differ from person to person, so is the size and product availability. Always go for a product size according to your need and requirement.

Adjustability: Before buying these tools, take them in your hands, try them and see if you are able to handle and adjust the tool or not. All the tools are not meant for everybody as discussed earlier.

Brands Availability In The Market

Just for your convenience and as per your requirements there are several brands of these circular saws in the market; here are few examples of these brands:

HITACHI: One of the popular brands in market is Hitachi; it has various models of circular saws available in the market. This brand is trustworthy and reliable.

MAKITA: Another available brand in the market is Makita. This brand has variety of products and tools with discounts and offers.

PORTER-CABLE: This brand needs no elucidation and no portrayal, it is known for its powerful and adjustable circular saws in the market and this brand is easily available.

DEWALT Among the best brands of circular saws we have another name called Dewalt. This brand is also known for its customer satisfaction and consistency.

SKIL: Last but not the least Skil. This is also a very famous and renowned brand of circular saws. It is a genuine brand.

Advantages Of Certain Circular Saws

Now we can look at the advantages of having a circular saw. It is beneficial in many ways and is helpful for professionals to beginners.

It Helps In Construction And Building: Circular saws are required mostly for construction purposes. It helps in modification and creation of a house.

Cutting Wood And Timber: It also helps in cutting heavy logs and even wet timbers.

Cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals sheet, tube, box etc.

Making Furniture Is Easy: Another advantage of circular saw is that it helps the carpenters in making wooden products. It is easy for them to cut and beautify the wood pieces.

Helps In Factories And Mills: Circular saws are not only helpful for individuals but they are equally important in factories and mills. Big machines and other tools are fixed with the help of circular saws.

I hope that helps you make the right choice when looking for a circular saw suitable for your intended use.

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