Is The Bare-Tool DeWalt DC390B The Best Circular Saw To Buy? – A Review

DeWalt DC390k Picture

DeWalt DC390k Picture“DeWalt DC390b Circular Saw Review”

The Dewalt dc390b circular saw is a great 6-1/2 inch 18-Volt cordless circular saw for the commercial and domestic DIY market.

Dewalt as a company have been going since 1936 and today offers more than 200 different power tools. The great thing about this product range is that the same battery can also power around 40 other tools, including power drills, impact wrenches and of course, circular saws.

The DeWalt dc 390 falls into the professional power tool bracket and is classified as a ‘high performance industrial tool’. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s only meant for professionals in the building industry, and in fact, most buyers are home DIY enthusiasts.

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As I’ve said, the DeWalt dc390 xrp is a professional high-performance tool, but you’ll pleased to know you can get it at a pretty low price. Now before I get into the features, it’s important to note that this kit is a bare-tool dewalt dc390 circular saw. In other words, it’s the basic tool but without a battery, charger or any extra blades.

One or two people seem to be bemoaning the fact that this kit comes without charger or batteries. Don’t these people read before buying? It’s clearly labeled as a bare-tool. Rather than a disadvantage, this is a great kit if you already own 18Volt batteries – you’re not wasting money on stuff if you don’t need it. How many times have you bought a package that included something you didn’t need? So full marks to DeWalt for offering this option.

Brief Summary of DeWalt 390b Circular Saw Features

  • It runs from common DeWalt 18-Volt batteries if you already have them
  • The blade diameter is a standard 6-1/2 inch blade which are easily available
  • You can tilt the circular saw at any angle between 0 and 50 degrees
  • It will cut through any 2-by timber up to a depth of 2-1/4 inch at 90 degrees
  • At 45 degrees you’ll get a 1-5/8 inch depth cut
  • The tool weighs 6.3lbs

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Now Let’s Take a Look at The DC390B Circular Saw in More Detail

It’s certainly a very popular model, in fact it’s been in the top 10 best sellers for power tools for a while now. Of all the people who visit the source we recommend, a whopping 73% actually buy the tool. That’s a pretty strong recommendation in itself.

  • It will run at 3,700 rpm to help you get fast rip and cross cuts
  • It comes with a high-strength magnesium shoe and upper guard to give the saw better durability and also make it lighter
  • The motor, which is fan-cooled, actually has replaceable brushes. That makes such a change from those brushes you can’t get at, so this will extend the life as well as provide maximum power
  • There’s a rubber grip handle for secure handling as well as reduction of vibration
  • Width: 15.9″
  • Height: 10.5″
  • Depth: 8.9″
  • Safety button fitted

Some features that are not specifically mentioned on most websites are:

Battery for DeWalt DC390B PictureThere is no battery or battery charger – so if you don’t already possess these you’ll need to order at the same time, else you’re going to be frustrated when you receive your circular saw!

Please also note that you can buy NiCad batteries or Lithium-Ion batteries. Generally speaking the latter will be more durable and longer-lasting, but either will be fine. If you buy Lithium-Ion, make sure the charger is suited (Must be charged with these DeWALT chargers: DC9310, DC9320 or DC9319). I’ve sourced all the options, one, two or three-battery packs, with chargers or chargers on their own, all on one page. Click this link to view all the DeWalt DC390B Circular Saw Batteries and Chargers.

The depth of cut is continuously variable through a locking lever sited towards the rear of the DeWalt dc390b saw. You simply unlock, raise or lower the body for the required depth, and re-lock. There isn’t a measurement scale at the time of writing this, but the depth is not always a critical measurement so you can always just measure how far below the baseplate the saw blade is for this.

The angle of cut is continuously variable from 0° to 50°. Some tools only allow fixed increments, so this DeWalt DC390B Scale Picture is a welcome option. The angle is variable in 1° increments as shown in this picture. The saw blade release tool is slotted into a recess at the base of the circular saw handle, so you’ll always know where it is. There is a safety switch on the grip, and this can be operated left or right-handed. That about sums up the features of the DeWalt DC390B Circular Saw.

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Finally, Let’s Look at Genuine User Reviews To See What They Think

L. Patten (california usa) says: “This is a great buy and I’m sure you will be very pleased with it’s capabilities if you purchase one.”

Whilst W. Prout (Wynantskill, NY) noted: “I used it all day on the first day and found it very easy to use with plenty of power and the blade speed was more than adequate for framing material cutting.”

In fact impressively, this tool gets 4 or 5 stars from most users. Out of 250 reviews, 178 gave it 5 stars and 49 gave it 4 stars. Again, that’s an extremely high recommendation from actual users. There’s many more good reviews all with comments such as –

“Great Battery Life
“Perfect tool

“He Loves It
“Great Addition to My Tool Chest
“Great cordless saw
“Great for the Short and Quick Projects
“Works great
“Light weight and easy to use

“A great plus to my list of tools
“Good power in a small package”

In fact, this circular saw is the best seller at Amazon. That doesn’t leave much more to be said by me, so click here to read more user reviews of the DeWalt DC390B Circular Saw or to buy it.

Where Can You Get The DeWalt DC390B Saw For The Best Price?

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