Genuine Reviews of the Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw From Genuine Users

Milwaukee 6390 Circular Saw

Milwaukee 6390 Circular Saw Milwaukee 6390-21 Review

The most revolutionary concept for circular saws in years is the TILT-LOK™ handle on the Milwaukee 6390-21. This has an eight-position cushioned top handle which will adjust to any cutting application and therefore maximizing comfort and control in use.

It weighs in at 10.4 pounds and delivers 3.25 horsepower, thus offering the best power to weight ratio in the industry. The 7-1/4 inch blade can be adjusted to 50 degrees and offers superior visibility and a clear sight line from either side. In fact you can get the Milwaukee 6390-21 in 2 versions, left or right-bladed, which is not always apparent, even on the manufacturer’s website!

Milwaukee 6391-21 left-bladed circular saw picture
Left-bladed for Right-Handed users
Milwaukee6391-21 right-hand bladed circular saw picture
Right bladed for Left-handed users

Click here to order the Milwaukee 6390-21 Left-Bladed Circular Saw for Right-Handers
Click here to order the Milwaukee 6390-21 Right-Bladed Circular Saw for Left Handers

Brief Summary of Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw Features

  • Features a powerful 15-amp, 5,800 rpm and 3-1/4-horsepower motor
  • The locking, tilting main handle adjusts for comfort and has a soft-grip
  • Kit includes 6390-20 saw, blade, wrench, and blow-molded storage case
  • 13-3/4 inches; 10.4 pounds; 5-year warranty
  • Pro-duty 7-1/4-inch circular saw
  • Left-mount or right-mount blade for better cut-line visibility
  • Extra-thick aircraft aluminum shoe bevels to 50 degrees
  • Spindle lock and quick-lock cord for quick field replacement

Now Let’s Take a Look at The Milwaukee 6390 Circular Saw in More Detail

Once again this is one of the top 10 most popular circular saws on the market. Power, ease-of-use and longevity are all top reasons why this model has been such a success. Here’s a few more details on specs for you:

Voltage 120 AC/DC
Amps 15.0
No Load RPM 5,800
Blade Size 7-1/4″
Arbor Size 5/8″
Maximum Bevel Capacity 50°
Capacity at 90° 2-7/16″
Capacity at 45° 1-13/16″
Electronic Brake No
Blade Side Right
Spindle 5/8″
Metal/Wood Cutting Wood
Spindle Lock Yes
Soft Grip Handle Yes
Adjustable Handle Yes
Blade Position Right or Left
Depth of Cut at 90° 2-7/16″
Depth of Cut at 45° 1-13/16″
Depth of Cut at 50° 1-11/16″
Cord Type 9 ft. Fixed
Construction Type Double Insulated
Length 13-3/4″
Tool Weight 10.4 lbs
Shipping Weight 17.5 lbs

What’s in the Box
Circular saw, carbide-tipped saw blade, blade wrench, storage case, and owner’s manual.

Click here to order the Milwaukee 6390-21 Left-Bladed Circular Saw for Right-Handers
Click here to order the Milwaukee 6390-21 Right-Bladed Circular Saw for Left Handers

Finally, Let’s Look at Genuine User Reviews To See What They Think of the Milwaukee 6390-21

Milwaukee6390-21CircularSawWell many users are happily proclaiming how great this circular saw is to use. There’s way too many to quote here, but they all recommend this tool for its ease-of use and power.

There are additional useful comments such as the one from Bajaphill who says:

“Another great feature is the fact that if you set this saw to a shallow cutting depth, the handle stays where it belongs or where you want it to be – down near the work — instead of getting way up in the air where it’s hard to control.”

Well this is one of the highlighted features of this tool, so it’s good to know it works!

G Mealhouse says: “Excellent saw, very well built. Relatively quiet and smooth”

While W ranking notes: “Easy adjustment of the handle, bevel, and cutting depth. The out-port for the saw dust is nice.”

There are many others proclaiming the Milwaukee 6390-21 a great circular saw, and you can read those by clicking here: Milwaukee 6390-21 Consumer Reviews

A few of the ‘negatives’ reported include:

“The case is a giant and takes up way too much space”
“would be nice to have a blade brake”
” Did not come with rip guide. Carrying case cheesy,awkward to get saw back in.”

OK, these are fairly minor gripes and are easily outweighed by the favorable comments, and indeed the glowing comments. There were a couple of people remarking on the ‘cheap’ case, but there’s little you can do about that.

Milwaukee Rip Fence


As far as the rip guide is concerned – nothing new here!

Most circular saw kits seem to come without a rip guide or rip fence, and I’ve talked about why this happens before. If one was supplied, you’d bet there’d be comments on how people prefer not to have one supplied in order to be given a choice!

Anyway, for those of you with a need for a rip fence, here’s your chance. I’ve sourced the 2 appropriate rip fences for you, and you can find them here:

Click here for the rip fence for the LEFT-BLADED Milwaukee
Click here for the rip fence for the RIGHT-BLADED Milwaukee

Click for Diablo Saw Blades


Finally, there were a handful of comments on the supplied saw blade (as there often are). Basically the message is dump this as soon as you open the package! As one user put it, “I think they must be trying to put us off saw blades!”.

I personally have no idea why they supply a cheap, inefficient saw blade with the kit, it really makes no sense. It’s very clear from users feedback that the difference between their supplied blade and many of the separately-available branded blades is beyond comparison.

I’d go so far to say that some people must be really disappointed with the Milwaukee 6390 if they judge the performance from the supplied saw blade! Why would a manufacturer risk that? Save yourself time, trouble and disappointment by ordering new blades with your tool!

Here’s a link to a variety of quality 7 1/4 inch circular saw blades which you can use with the Milwaukee 6390-21, in fact a number of users have recommended this brand:

Milwaukee 6390-21 Saw Blades

Finally, here are the links again for the two versions of the Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saw, one for right-handers and one for left-handers. Make sure you order the correct one, when you click the links below you will be shown photographs that will make this clear:

Click here to order the Milwaukee 6390-21 Left-Bladed Circular Saw for RIGHT-HANDERS
Click here to order the Milwaukee 6390-21 Right-Bladed Circular Saw for LEFT-HANDERS