Not Sure How To Use a Circular Saw Properly?
Don’t Know What Some Of The Terms Used Mean?

It’s not always easy choosing the best tool for the job, especially when you may not know enough about the subject to make an informed decision, or you may not always know the jargon used. Everyone has to start somewhere, so we thought that for beginners it would be useful to provide a list of resources that explain almost everything you’d need to know about circular saws.

Whilst we try to make this site user and beginner friendly, here’s a few of our favorite sites that help making circular saw buying decisions a lot easier as well as helping you understand how to make best use of your new tool.

Where Can I Find Out More About Circular Saws?

We hope you get something useful out of the following sites:


A general overview of the circular saw that includes all the various types up to saw mill size. Useful if you don’t know what a circular saw is or you want to see the difference between various types of circular saws.


Lowes have a general buying guide for circular saws, including sidewinder and worm drive, incorporating corded and cordless and a brief guide to saw blades. Basic, but useful for beginners.

Home Depot

Home Depot are offering their own ‘buyers guide’ too, similar to Lowes.However, they have a useful table which demonstrates key benefits as well as a features section which outlines what you should be looking for in a saw.

Consumer Research

Consumer Research have taken a number of others’ reports and summarised them within their own article. This is reasonable if you don’t mind wading through six pages of material and excessive advertising which they use to support their site.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports produces an easy-to-digest report on most aspects of the circular saw, including usage, the various saw types, features and safety tips. A good all-round read.

Guide For Circular Saws

That’s it. Let us know if you found this useful or if there is anything else you think will help with buying decisions. We’ll try to include it here for everyone to benefit.

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