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Are you curious about exactly how metal cutting with circular saws works? Don't you truly want to understand? Does it keep your mind wondering all of the time? Want to fully understand more than just the regular surface information? We update our site often to bring you the latest information. Discover much more about cutting metal now by getting started.

Jigsaws are increasingly being used for cutting harder materials, metal in particular. Obviously, though, cutting metal requires not only the correct blade, but a jigsaw with the power needed to perform the cut accurately and safely.

A good jigsaw (my favorite is the Milwaukee with a nice speed control) and you can follow any line, even a straight rip cut. The higher end jig saws have very low vibrations and tend to make very controlable cuts. A straight rip through a 2x4 is very doable. One issue, the more expensive jig saws tend to have 1.25" stroke, so you either cut both sides at once (and jig saws are bad at this because blades flex) or you get a very short blade (or cut down one you have).

Metal cutting circular saws were limited to 5-3/8-inch blades, but both Milwaukee and Makita have made it to 5-7/8-inch. That's significant since it allows for a single pass cut in 2-inch conduit. However, it's still nearly 1-1/2 inches short of a standard size circular saw's blade.

Originally, circular saws in mills had smaller blades and were used to resaw lumber after it passed through an "up and down" (muley or sash) saw leaving both vertical and circular saw marks on different sides of the same piece. These saws made it more efficient to cut small pieces such as lath. After 1813 or 1822 saw mills use large circular saws, up to 3 meters (9 ft) in diameter. Large saws demand more power than up-and-down saws and did not become practical for sawing timbers until they were powered by steam engines. They are either left or right-handed, depending on which side of the blade the plank falls away from. Benching determines which hand the saw is. Saws of this size typically have a shear pin hole, off axis, that breaks if the saw is overloaded and allows the saw to spin free. The most common version is the ITCO (insert tooth cut-off) which has replaceable teeth. Sawmill blades are also used as an alternative to a radial arm saw.

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Ryobi Circular Saw Cut Metal

You'll need different blades for different kinds of metal. You should be able to use a carbide-tipped abrasive cutoff wheel for non-ferrous metals like brass, aluminum, copper or lead. Carbide-tipped blades last up to 10 times longer than regular steel ones. The pitch and design of the blade you choose will also vary depending on the thickness of the metal in question. In general, you'll want a higher tooth count for thinner metals and a lower tooth count for thicker ones. The packaging of the blade should specify what material and thickness the blade is appropriate for, and if you have any questions, you can always contact the manufacturer.

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Obviously it's good to see a tool like the Bosch GST25 M in action, particularly against another jigsaw. For this test we're comparing the GST25 M with the excellent Bosch GST140 (see it in action here). We fitted the same metal cutting blade in both jigsaws, and set both to pendulum action 1.

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